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Become A Warrior Mom

With this Warrior Mom Guide you'll:

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Have the steps to start reading your Bible right away: You don't know where to start and that's what has prevented you from getting started. These 5 steps will knock out a lot of obstacles.

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Discover how you can involve your children in your Bible reading: You have children at home and feel like you have no time to read the Bible because they're always with you. Find out how they can join you.

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Grow In God's Word to become the strong Warrior Mom God has called you to be: When your foundation is strong in the Bible, you will be unyielding enough to raise sharp arrows for the Lord!

Warrior Mom Bible Time Guide - Aiming Intentionally
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Meet the Founder

Samantha Roberts is the founder of Aiming Intentionally, a faith-based blog created to help mothers become warriors for Christ so that they can raise their children to become strong arrows for the Lord.

As a young mother of small children, Samantha suffered from chronic depression and often felt fear that she was not a good enough mother and strong enough in her faith to raise her children the way she knew God wanted.

Through many prayers and struggles, the Lord led her to find a Biblical foundation of spending daily time in His Word, while growing stronger in faith and prayer.

Realizing the difference in her before and after, God has placed on Samantha's heart a passion for ministering to other mothers who are where she was.

Knowing how important mothers are for God's Kingdom, she has taken Psalm 127:4 as an anthem for other mothers to raise their children as arrows for God's Kingdom while becoming the warriors who shoot them out into the world.